Crossroads Retirement Solutions works collaboratively with other small businesses to offer services in all aspects of retirement plan design and implementation for 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans and defined benefit plans for local business owners. The company provides a wide range of retirement plan services for business owners, from consulting on regulatory changes and maximizing retirement plan designs to administering defined contribution and defined benefit plans. Many small and medium-sized employers lack a dedicated, in- house specialist to administer retirement plans. Working with a local TPA fills the need to have a benefits expert close at hand. Crossroads Retirement Solutions is unique because it has customized its platforms to adapt to a business owner’s distinctive needs rather than forcing them to adopt a one-size- fits-all approach

Louise Joss, owner of Crossroads Retirement Solutions, brings over 30 years experience in the retirement industry. Ms. Joss has experience and expertise in both the large and small plan industries and oversees the consulting and administrative services for all categories of retirement plans. Crossroads Retirement Solutions collaborates with accountants, financial advisors, attorneys and other business professionals to offer independent third party services for retirement plan design, administration and consulting.